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ANATOMETAL – Glamourous Diane Ends are newly added to the website!!

Shall we call them the 2020-style body jewelry? Anatometal is out with the most luxurious and glamorous piece in the history of their creations, the Diane Ends. We are pleased to announce that they are now available in our online shop. Add these Diane Ends to your wardrobe, and it will upgrade your entire look. […] more


So true to life!! Introducing Anatometal’s Bee Ends.

Following the release of the Bee Hexagon Ends, ANATOMETAL has released the Bee Ends, a lifelike and dynamic representation of a bee in flight!! Many countries around the world believe bees to be the deliverers of happiness. The bee motif on these ends is intricately designed to satisfy even the most passionate lovers of insects. These […] more

RIN-KG Online Shop is a collaboration between RIN-KG Studio and MAY Inc.

MAY Inc. focus is in import and distribution of High Quality Body Jewelry.

Brands we carry are: Anatometal, Gorilla Glass, Kaos Software and Little Seven.