GORILLA GLASS 2019 Limited Edition [Space Invader] Collection is Now Available Online!


【2019 Limited Edition】Gorilla Glass Space Invader Collection

Space Invaders, as you may already know, is a Japanese video game that brought worldwide craze when it first came out, and those of us from that generation may still have fond memories of those days.
For the younger generation, the pixilated imagery might be more familiar as an art form that makes sudden appearances in random places in the streets as orchestrated by the French artist, Invader.

In 2019, the space invaders are back again, this time as glass jewelry from Gorilla Glass!!

The Space Invader design brings out the playful aspect in all of us regardless of our generation as we dream of fun things about to happen.

Try incorporating the pieces from the Space Invader Collection, and you yourself can become a part of the street art landscape.