Notice on Preventive Measures Against COVID-19 at Rin-kg


In consideration of the safety of our customers and staff, and as preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19, we will be operating under the following system starting from April 1st.
Please note that we have been and will continue to conduct procedures 4 to 8 at all times.


1.  For the time being, we will be operating in shortened business hours from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays.
2. Staff members who commute by train will work from home, and there will be minimum staff working at the office.
3. All of the staff members are required to check their health conditions before working. This includes checking their temperatures.
4. During business hours, we will secure a safe distance from each other and make sure that the office is well-ventilated.
5. All staff members are required to thoroughly wash their hands at the time of arrival at the office and before handling the products.
6. We wear masks and gloves every time we handle or inspect the products.
7. All of the products, with the exception of the silicone jewelry from Kaos Softwear, are sterilized using a spray with an alcohol content of 80% or more. (*Alcohol must not be used on silicone jewelry, so please wash it thoroughly with soap and water prior to use.)
8. We make sure to frequently sterilize doorknobs, light switches,  and other areas throughout the office using a spray with an alcohol content of 80% or more.


In light of the current circumstances, we will continue with the thorough management and practice of good hygiene for the safety of our customers and staff members. We appreciate your support and understanding.


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