The Much-Anticipated 14ga! – New Addition to ANATOMETAL’s Push-Pin Barbells



Anatomental’s Push-Pin Barbells have been gaining tremendous popularity for their easy application ever since they were released in January this year. We are excited to announce its new addition – the much-anticipated 14ga!!!

The 14ga is the most popular size for body piercings and we’re assuming that many of you were just waiting for the size to become available with the push-pin barbells.

With these barbells, your earlobe jewelry can be changed in a cinch, even in the busy mornings, to match your outfit of the day.

*We are expected to make the push-pin ends available for individual sale. The end is available in a single size and is compatible for use with all push-pin barbells sizes (18ga, 16ga, 14ga).

※※Please visit this page to learn more about the Push-Pin Barbells※※