Important Notice Regarding Anatometal’s 18k Gold, Silver, and Bronze Products


Thank you for shopping at our website.

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the inconveniences that may occur to our customers due to the current relocation of the Anatometal Head Office in the U.S.

During the relocation process, the operation of all precision equipment used in manufacturing products of 18k gold, silver, and bronze are to be temporarily put on hold. We were informed that as of September 27, 2018, Anatometal is unable to accept orders of products made with the three aforementioned materials for the time being.

Orders are expected to be accepted by the Head Office sometime between 2 to 4 weeks from now; however, please note that we will process any orders of the aforementioned materials received at this time as a preorder until the Head Office resumes their sales.

If the order contains multiple items, a part of which includes the aforementioned products, the order will automatically be processed as two separate purchases: one will be the preorder for the 18k gold, silver, or bronze product, and the other will be the purchase order for the remaining items.
(*The orders will also be charged and shipped separately. In such cases, we will cover the cost of shipping for both deliveries. If you have selected C.O.D. as your choice of payment,  you will only be charged once for the service fee.)

For the preordered products of 18k gold, silver or bronze, we will send an official order confirmation email as soon as the Head Office resumes its sales operation. Please refer to the final order confirmation email for detailed information about the purchase, payment, and delivery.

Again, we ask for your patience and understanding at this time, as it is a temporary measure, and we deeply apologize for the trouble this may cause.

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