2018 Christmas Backorder Deadline Dates



Thank you for shopping at our online store.

Due to the overwhelming amount of orders currently being placed at Anatometal’s headquarters, we have set earlier dates for the 2018 Christmas backorder deadlines in order for us to ensure on-time delivery. The deadlines dates are as follows:

ANATOMETALGORILLA GLASS – 5pm on Friday, November 2, 2018

LITTLE SEVEN – 5pm on Friday, November 2, 2018

*The above deadlines are our own suggested dates, implemented with enough time to consider the unforeseen circumstances we may encounter in regards to delays in shipment due to the increased traffic of international deliveries.

*We still cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered without incident or fault even in the case that the order was placed prior to the backorder deadline date. Therefore, if such a case may occur, we will contact you immediately and cancel your order free of charge. We appreciate your understanding. 


As we are not informed of the exact backorder status for GORILLA GLASSKAOS SOFTWEAR, and LITTLE SEVEN during the year-end and New Year holiday, we advise that you order from what we have in stock if you wish to have it delivered by Christmas. Please include the details of the jewelry in question and inquire about its availability from this page.

For all products that are in stock, please order by 3pm on December 20th to ensure delivery by December 23rd. (*Customers ordering by payment methods other than C.O.D. are advised to complete their payment by 3pm on December 21st.)

We do hope that you’ll find the ideal gift and place your order within the deadline so you can spend a lovely Anatometal Holiday with your loved ones.