GORILLA GLASS: Hagakure 2019 Limited Collection Now Added to the Site!


[2019 Limited Offer] Gorilla Glass Hagakure Collection

Many people will hear the word “Hagakure (lit. Hidden by the Leaves)” and think of the book on Bushido (Samurai code of conduct) dating back to the mid-Edo Period in Japan. The Hagakure Collection by Gorilla Glass is inspired by the beauty of the word itself, which suggests the tone of melancholy represented by the falling of the leaves in autumn and the coming of winter. 

The Hagakure Collection celebrates the ephemeral essence of the natural world in the form of glass jewelry that is both mystical and beautiful.
Needless to say, these magical pieces are perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but they will sure to add a pleasant color palette to your style in any season.

At present, we have instructions from the brand to sell this collection for a limited time until the end of this year. Although it may depend on the product availability at the end of the year, those of you who are big fans of Gorilla Glass should mark your calendars and get them while stocks last!!