Bee Hexagon Ends

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Threaded Bee Hexagon End

▼ Please select the Gauge and Material Color for your Threaded End.
* These cannot be used with the pushpin bars.

Prices are for a single piece, not for a pair.

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[New Product!]

From ANATOMETAL are the new Bee Hexagon Ends, the 18k pieces with cute bees embossed on bee-hive hexagons!!
These are a fun twist to the Hexagon Ends, using the 6 mm shape to make it look like a part of a honeycomb with a bee buzzing inside it.

In some countries, bees are believed to carry happiness and well being, and these creatures have also become an iconic feature in the works of the latest fashion designers.
Wear these bee-inspired pieces on the earlobes or outer conch and create some buzz!!

The back ends are available in two types: threaded or the threadless pushpins that are easier to change. For more information on how the pushpins work, please refer to the page on How the Push-Pin Works.