Captive Beads

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▼ Please select the Gauge, Material and Size for your Captive Parts.

Prices are for a single piece, not for a pair.

Price: ¥ Tax IncludedDOING

・This is a spare part for captive bead rings, not for internally threaded barbells.

・Anatometal's Titanium and Niobium Colors are made specially using anodized oxidation. Please understand there may be a slight difference in color for your jewelry due to the process.

ANATOMETAL's Captive Beads are machined out of solid implant grade material or cast in solid 18k gold and hand polished to a mirror finish.
Each ball comes with standard double divot where the ring will be placed.
Captive Beads made in Titanium can be anodized to a variety of colors.
Last picture is hematite ball.Please contact us for more information.