Captive Bezels

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▼ Please select the Gauge, Material, Size and Gem for your Captive Parts.

Prices are for a single piece, not for a pair.

Price: ¥DOING

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・This is a spare part for captive bead rings, not for internally threaded barbells.

・Anatometal's Titanium and Niobium Colors are made specially using anodized oxidation. Please understand there may be a slight difference in color for your jewelry due to the process.

ANATOMETAL's Captive Bezels are the gem parts to fit into your Captive Ring. Compared to the Captive Bead, it will not rotate as much making it suitable for the Daith, Rook or an Orbital.
They are made in Titanium which can be anodized to a variety of different colors.

Faceted gems, Cabochon gems or Passion Topaz are available for all sizes.