Flat Back Labrets

Please select the Style, Gauge, Material and Length for your jewerly.

You can choose the material and size of the disc here:

You can choose the other end type from a variety of options here:

Prices listed are for one piece, not for a pair.

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・Anatometal's Titanium and Niobium Colors are made specially using anodized oxidation. Please understand there may be a slight difference in color for your jewelry due to the process.

・Niobium is a softer metal compared to Titanium and Surgical Stainless, therefore small scratches from the machines during the manufacturing process may be hard to prevent. This will not cause any problems to the jewerly itself and can be used safely in your piercing.

ANATOMETAL's Flat Back Labrets are made of a disk, solid shaft and a threaded end.
All of Anatometal's threaded ends can be arranged with your custom labret.

Your labret can also be prepared with the shaft and disc as one piece.
This is recommended for use in the tragus, labret and lip.