Flower Earrings

▼ Please select the Material, Gem Size and Gems for your earring.

※ Please remember to select whether you would like just one, or a pair of the flower earrings.
If you purchase a 【Pair】the earrings will be mirrored.
If you would like the earrings to be the same, please order them one at a time using the【Just One】variation.

※Even if you choose a Titanium-Color body, The butterfly catch in the back is made with Titanium and is only available in silver color.

Price: ¥ Tax IncludedDOING

Anatometal's Titanium and Niobium Colors are made specially using anodized oxidation. Please understand there may be a slight difference in color for your jewelry due to the process.

The Flower Earrings are a very feminine and popular design from Anatometal.
They are available in 4 different gem sizes and the jewelry can be anodized to a variety of different colors to make your very own customized piece of jewelry.

They can also be ordered in 18k Gold or with dangles. Please contact us for more information.