Hammered Eyelets

▼ Please select the Flare Style, Gauge, Wearing Surface and Huumer Material for your eyelet.
* Single flare only available up to 7/8 inch. Double flare starts at 8ga.

For Double Flared, please seelct a gauge above 8ga first.

Prices are for a single eyelet, not for a pair.

Price: ¥ Tax IncludedDOING

【NEW ITEM- 2016 Summer】
The newest addition to the eyelet series in ANATOMETAL, the Hammered Eyelets, uses a handmade hammered relief on a surface of your choice: Bronze, Copper or Silver.

The relief is subtle but can be very eye-catching when worn.

The eyelet is made with Implant grade surgical stainless.
They are available in Single Flares (comes with an O-ring) and Double Flares.