Partial Bezel Navel Curves

Please select the Size of Bottom Gem Size, Gauge, Material, Length and Bottom Gem Color for your navel curve.

You can select the top end for your navel curve here.

Prices are for a single piece, not for a pair.

Price: ¥ Tax IncludedDOING

Anatometal's Titanium and Niobium Colors are made specially using anodized oxidation. Please understand there may be a slight difference in color for your jewelry due to the process.

Anatometal's Partial Bezel Navel Cuves are different from the Prong Set because it uses a 2 prong setting to hold the gem in place instead of 3.
You can choose from 3 different sizes (4mm, 6mm or 8mm) for the bottom gem.

The internally threaded Bezel-Set Gem End or the Flower End can be used for the top of the curve.
The Bezel-Set Gem End is either 3mm or 4mm. The Flower End is either 1.5mm or 2mm.

They can also have dangles attached (see 6th photo) or be made in 18K Gold (see 3rd~5th photo). Please contact us for more information.