Starfish Eyelets

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Standard Starfish Eyelet

Please select the Flare Style, Gauge, Wearing Surface and Insert Material for your eyelet.
* Single flare only available up to 7/8 inch.

Prices listed are for a single eyelet, not for a pair.

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※Each design must be ordered on the individual product page. Please select the product image above to redirect to the specific product you would like to order.

Anatometal's Starfish Eyelet is made with implant grade surgical stainless and has a different look from the front and the back so that it can be used reversible if made with a double flare.

The insert starfish is made with bronze or pure silver.

Gems of your choice (color and style) can be placed on the outer rim of the eyelet.

They are available in single flares (with O-ring) and double flares