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To Those Who Are New to Body Piercing

Why body piercing?

To start, Japan may be the only country that separates the “fashion earrings” from the other body piercings, and there is no defining line as to how to differentiate the two. However, at RIN-KG Online Shop, we consider “fashion earrings” to be the small-sized jewelry of 20ga to 18ga that are sold at knick-knack stores and major retailers with an emphasis on the fashion/trendy aspects of the design rather than the materials being used for them.

As the name implies, fashion earrings are most often used as a fashion statement in a similar way that one would wear a watch or ring only when going out.

Moreover, fashion earrings are usually inexpensive and made with materials of poor quality, so they are prone to cause problems due to multiple factors when worn for long periods of time.

Fashion earrings are strictly fashion accessories – no more and no less.

On the other hand, body piercing is literally piercing for the body; as such, it becomes “a part of the body.”

The biggest difference between fashion earrings and body piercings is the size of the piercing hole.

Being the most popular size for fashion earrings, the 20ga – 18ga piercings are so super small that they may cause a tear in the piercing hole from the heavy weight of the accessory, or take more time for the thin skin inside the piercing hole to form, leaving the area scarred for longer. As for body piercings, the most popular sizes are 16ga – 14 ga which help to form a nice piercing hole on the skin, making them safer and more stable.

There is a wide range of materials and qualities to choose from in terms of body piercings, but we make sure to carry only the professional-level jewelry that are made of carefully selected materials.

This is particularly true for all Anatometal jewelry and a portion of the Gorilla Glass jewelry, which are safe to use even on freshly made piercing holes with open wounds as well as for those with sensitivity to metals. (*For those with sensitivity to metals, wear the jewelry at your own risk.)

A piercing hole that has been properly opened under the proper technique, with the proper tools, and fitted with the appropriate body piercing will eventually become “a part of your body” together with the jewelry.


Once it becomes “a part of the body,” there is nothing more natural and effortless!!

Of course, the body piercings need to be kept clean, just as you would keep your own body clean, but as long as you tend to them before they get too grimy, you’ll basically be able to keep them on depending on the design of the jewelry. (*For care instructions, please go to the Quality page to select and view the material of your choice.)

When compared with the fashion earrings, the large-sized body piercings may have been associated with young street-style males or rock musicians to give them the rough and tough image – often leading the general public to keep a distance from them in Japan.

Despite this, there has been a recent increase of people who choose body piercings due to their safe and convenient qualities. The designs of the jewelry have also improved with many stylish and cool items to choose from.

Body piercings have now reached a wider fanbase regardless of age, gender, and nationality who feel strongly about wearing pieces that are “safe, fashionable, and convenient.”