Deluxe Dichroic Eclipse Hangers

Please select the Gauge, Diablo Coils (Material) and Color for your jewelry.
1) This jewelry can only be used in piercings that are completely healed.
2) This jewelry post is made with allergy-free material but the rest is made with Brass or Silver. Please purchase and use this jewlery at your own risk.
3) Please do not wear these when bathing, swimming, exercising and sleeping.

※They are sold as a pair

Price: ¥DOING

※1.) All Gorilla Glass Jewelry is handmade, therefore there may be a slight difference in colors and a 0.5mm difference in size.

※2.) During the manufacturing process, there is the possibility of making very small scratches and crater-like bubbles on the products but we assure the pieces can be used with no problems.

The premier glass piercing jeweler, Gorilla Glass, collaborated with the top organic piercing jewelry brand, Diablo Organics, to create the Deluxe Dichroic Eclipse Hangers.
These are only sold in pairs.

The hanging jewelry is a unique and stylish piece - a harmony of the ever so popular magical glass accessory from the Deluxe Dichroic Series coupled with Diablo Organics' coil that hugs the earlobe.
Available in 8ga and 2ga, they are recommended for those who seek the look of the Deluxe Dichroic Weights or the Deluxe Dichroic Plugs without straining the lobes.

The Diablo Organics's coils are available in brass and 925 sterling silver, and  the glass can be selected from 5 colors of the Deluxe Dichroic Series.
Please note that the coil is not hypoallergenic, and therefore, is not recommended for direct contact on the skin for those who are hypersensitive to metals.
*Please check the product details for where this jewelry can be applied.