Power Weights

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Power Keyhole

Shaped like its name, the Power Keyhole has a keyhole in the center of the jewelry which gives the jewelry a very bold and powerful look.
The different color combinations gives the jewelry a strong impact on anyone.
Please select the Color and Size for your jewelry.

Prices are for a single piece, not for a pair.

Price: ¥DOING

※1.) All Gorilla Glass Jewelry is handmade, therefore there may be a slight difference in colors and a 0.5mm difference in size.

※2.) During the manufacturing process, there is the possibility of making very small scratches and crater-like bubbles on the products but we assure the pieces can be used with no problems.

※Each Weight design must be ordered on the individual product page. Please select the product image above to redirect to the specific product you would like to order.

Gorilla Glass's Power Series are available in 2 weight shapes: Keyhole and Triangle.