Special Dichroic Earrings


【New Product】
The ever-popular Dichroic line of the Gorilla Glass earrings is out with a new version that features unique colors and iridescence - the Special Dichroic Earrings!!!

These newly released Special Dichroic Earrings take on the sparkling glitter of the Dichroic as well as the attributes of the Fused Dichroic, and the result is a very charming piece.
In addition, the biggest point to note is that these are only available in the regular earring style and nothing else.

Please note that the earring hooks are available in silver* or hypoallergenic niobium in 6 colors. *Please make sure to read the product details.
This jewelry must only be applied on fully healed holes. 

▼ Please select the Bottom Glass Color, and Body material (+ Niobium Body Color) for your Earring.

Prices are for a single piece, not for a pair.

Price: ¥DOING

※1.) All Gorilla Glass Jewelry is handmade, therefore there may be a slight difference in colors.

※2.) During the manufacturing process, there is the possibility of making very small scratches and crater-like bubbles on the products but we assure the pieces can be used with no problems.