Super Spirals

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*This item has been discontinued by Gorilla Glass; we will be able to sell only what is available through out stock.

Prices are per piece, not pair.

Price: ¥DOING

15% off: ¥ Tax Included

※1.) All Gorilla Glass Jewelry is handmade, therefore there may be a slight difference in colors and a 0.5mm difference in size.

※2.) During the manufacturing process, there is the possibility of making very small scratches and crater-like bubbles on the products but we assure the pieces can be used with no problems.

Super Spirals made by Gorilla Glass are another gorgeous variation of the spiral design.
They are all individually handcrafted and made with soda lime or pyrex and are available in a variety of different colors.

The diameter of the jewelry will increase as the gauge gets bigger.

For safer wear, you can use an O-ring (sold seperately) to hold the jewelry in place.