Cancelling and Changing Orders

Many of our products must be ordered to the jewelry maker, therefore cancelling or changing orders can only be made within 24 hours of you receiving the “Order Confirmation Email”.

Products that are not displayed on our online shop or products that are custom ordered can not be cancelled or changed after the order has been confirmed.

Cancelling or changing your order after 24 hours of receiving the Order Confirmation Email will be charged:

: 30% of the product price

※ For bank transfer payments, only 70% of the total order amount will be transfered back into the same bank account.  For Credit Card Payments, only 70% of the total order amount will be returned to the same credit card.  (The time that it will take for the money to be returned will depend on your credit card company.) The bank processing fee will be paid by the customer.
※ All our products that have been delivered are final, excluding product defects or wrong orders. For more info, check our How To Order page.
※ If you cancel before making the payment, we will charge you 30% of the total amount.  Please use the payment method you selected (Credit Card Payment or Bank Transfer) and pay within 5 days after we have contacted you.
※ If you would like to change your order and have not yet paid, we will add the 30% total of the previous order to your new order.  If you have already paid, and would like to change your order, we will charge you separately for the new order.
※ If you chose to use the Cash on Delivery payment method, and would like to cancel only 1 of the items you have ordered, we will only charge you 30% of that jewelries total amount.  If you would like to cancel the entire order,  we will charge you 30% of the total order.
※ It is also possible to pay the cancellation fee using your points, please contact us for more information.
※ If the package has already been delivered, we will not accept any cancellations, order changes.  To prevent this from happening, please read the how to order page before ordering.
※ We will not accept cancellations after the products have been sent.
※ When COD orders are not received, we will refuse future orders from the same person.
※ We will not accept any future orders from anyone that does not abide by our Online Shop policies.