Ansari Spirals

Please select the gauge and the direction (Left of Right or a Pair) for your jewelry.
* For 12ga to 6ga Spirals, please select the size.

Prices are for a single piece unless you select a pair.

Price: ¥ Tax IncludedDOING

【Brass and Copper Jewelry Information】
For 12ga and above, this jewelry can be made in Brass or Copper. If you would like to request an order, please let us know in the -Message- field when proceeding with your order.

Brass and Copper, unlike Surgical Stainless are not allergy-free materials. It may also gradually change in color. This may be removed with a polishing cloth.

Little Seven's Ansari Spirals is a popular selection among the flat designs. The head of the jewelry is 3-Dimensional giving it a different boldness compared to the Swan design.

They are available with the spiral going in two directions, "Left" or "Right"