About Safe Body Piercing Jewelry

To be safe and comfortable, all body jewelry placed in a body piercing must be of the appropriate quality, style, and size.


The popularity of body piercing has allowed an enormous quantity of body jewelry to be available on the market, sold everywhere from convenient store to gas stations. Unfortunately, most of it doesn’t meet the basic requirement to be considered safe for long term wear.

Ⅰ. Material

The most popular materials considered safe to be worn on fresh and healed piercings are:

  • certified ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium
  • certified ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel
  • unalloyed Niobium
  • 18K – 22k Yellow or White Gold
  • Glass
  • Silicone For healed piercings

Materials like silver, bronze, horn, bone, hardwood, stones, etc. are intended for temporary wear and limited to an ear lobe piercing.

For more detailed information please refer to the Association of Professional Piercers’ jewelry standard

Ⅱ. Polishing

Piercing jewelry must be polished to a mirror finish.

Jewelry that is not highly polished will be more porous, which can result in delayed healing and can cause complications as well as additional discomfort.

All jewelry must be free of nicks, scratches, burrs, and polishing compounds.

Ⅲ. Shaping

Rings should be perfectly round and bars perfectly straight, without warping or irregularities.

Jewelry with numerous or sharp angles passing through the piercing is inappropriate; jewelry threading is a clear example of this.

Internal Threading = Good!
Internal Threading = Good!
As you can see, the surface of the bar is smooth, and its rounded end ensures comfortable and safe insertion and removal of the jewelry.
External Threading = BAD!
External Threading = BAD!
Clearly an inferior design.
The threaded end of the jewelry does not ensure smooth and safe insertion or removal.

Style and Size

Here are some examples of the basic body jewelry designs:

piercing jewelry style and size
From the Left: Straight Barbell, Captive Bead Ring, Curved Barbell, Flat Back Labret, Eyelet and Circular Barbell

Style and size must be carefully chosen to properly fit your piercing.

An improper style and the wrong size will affect your piercing and could lead to migration, rejection and scarring.

Last words…

If you have a healed piercing and you are fully aware of what style and size that best fit your piercing, please feel free to purchase the jewelry that suits your taste from our Online Shop.

If you are wanting to buy body piercing jewelry, but are unsure about what you can safely use, then you should go to a reputable body piercing studio and be advised by a professional piercer you trust.

A professional piercer can confirm if your piercing is properly healed and ready to wear new  jewelry. S/he should be more than happy to guide you in your purchase, showing proof of material quality, and should be able to suggest you a suitable shape while accurately determining the proper size.

In a body piercing studio, you can also have them assist you in changing your jewelry.

For a list of reputable body piercing studios in Japan that carries our jewelry, click Here.