Anatometal’s titanium jewerly can be anodized to 16 diffferent colors, and Niobium jewelry can be anodized to 18.
The colors are created through the process of anodization which uses an electrolytic passivation process that increases the oxide layer on the surface.
It is different from coloring methods used on other metals which adds color which is actually the change of the material at a microscopic level.  The color difference depends on the thickness of the oxide film that is controlled by the anodizing voltage.  The light that reflects off the oxide layer and the metal is what determines the color that is seen.

This process does not use other materials to create color, therefore can be used safely for initial piercings or on allergy prone people.
The only thing to note about anodization is that due to the color only being on the oxide film, after time and frequent use of the jewelry, the friction with the skin and body fluids can cause the color to gradually change.  The jewerly will eventually return to the color of its original state (colorless).  The style, shape, frequent usage of the jewelry effects how long the color will last.

Please note that due to various elements including techniques from person to person, density of the electrolytic solution and the distance between the electrodes, there may be a subtle difference in color.

After understanding the above and the safety of the anodization process, please enjoy the different colors that can be created with Anatometal’s Titanium and Niobium jewelry.