All Anatometal’s gemmed jewelry can be sterilized in an autoclave.

There are different gem stone settings available among Anatometal jewelry including bezel set and prong set.  All settings do not use any adhesives or glue and are safely secured by the metal carefully wrapped around the edge of the gemstone .
The faceted gems are the highest quality synthetic gemstones available.

Anatometal does not use any foil-backed gems on any of their jewelry.

Synthetic stones are the same as natural stones and are not an immitation.  The only difference between synthetic and natural is the process that they are grown. Natural stones are grown naturally over time on the same stone type.  Synthetic stones on the otherhand are grown in a labratory or factory.

An advantage of synthetic stones are that scratches, impurities or contamination can be prevented during the growing process that a natural stone cannot.  Therefore, synthetic stones appear clearer and are stronger compared to natural stones.
Anatometal uses synthetic stones because these stones can be set in very hard metals including titanium and surgical stainless with less risk of damage.  They can also be sterilised and will not deteriorate over time.    

All gemstones used with Anatometal jewelry (natural and synthetic) are from Swarovski.  

Anatometal gems are available in Faceted-cut (Brilliant Cut), Cabochon-cut, Princess Cut, Bullet-cut, Heart-cut, Marquise-cut, Oval-cut, Pear-cut and Emerald-cut.  For more information on different gem cuts, please go to the Anatometal Official Homepage.


About Passion Topaz Gemstones

Until recently, natural stone was only available with 18k gold, due to gold being softer which could prevent the stone from being damaged during the setting process.  With the exception of some cabochon-cut gems and diamond, other gems would risk scratches or cracks when set into harder metals like surgical stainless or titanium.
But in 2012, Swarovski succeeded in developing a new natural stone colored topaz that is strong enough to use with titanium and surgical stainless.
Anatometal started using this stone, known as Passion Topaz, that is strong and safe to use on the human body.  They are now available to use with titanium or surgical stainless jewelry.

For other gems besides Passion Topaz, we take orders for natural gemstones with 18k gold ONLY.

Please contact us here for orders with natural gemstones.


About Threaded Flat Bottom Gem Ends

Until October 2013, Anatometal could only make jewelry using synthetic gems.  Now thanks to Swarovski Crystal Glass which can be sterilized is available for our Threaded Flat Bottom Gem End.
Crystal Glass is known to commonly contain lead that is very dangerous to the human body.
But, Anatometal has successfully developed Crystal Glass that uses NO lead and has started manufacturing Threaded Flat Bottom Gem Ends.
Anatometal Flat Bottom Gem Ends are completely different from other ends sold and contain no lead and are safe to use on your piercing.


How to Care for your Gemmed Jewelry

After wearing gemmed ends for a prolonged period of time, gems can start to look darker. This is due to dirt that has been accumulated between the gem and the base of the jewerly.

This may be caused by bodily fluids or living environments or any of the following:
・Hot spring or bath soaps entering the gap between the gem and base of the jewerly
・Frequent exposure to UV Light (sunlight or tanning salons)
・Frequent use of body cream or sunscreen around the jewerly

The best way to remove the dirt is by using an ultrasonic washing machine.  (We do not this service).

Please refrain from using toothpicks or sharp objects to remove the dirt as this may cause damage to the jewelry.

Please note that Anatometal does not use any glue or adhesives, therefore their jewelry can be very fragile when touched with force.  The damage of gems due to force cannot be fixed free of charge.