What is Glass

Glass belongs to a group of substances called supercooled liquids, which have unique properties. These have passed a rigid state without undergoing any noticeable structural change.

Glass is autoclavable. Due to its chemical stability and its inherent resistance to corrosion, glass is one of the SAFEST and most comfortable materials for both new and healed piercings.
Glass is inert and non-porous and therefore, hypoallergenic.

Most glass is artificial (made by man), but there are also natural glasses such as Obsidian and Volcanic Glass.

About Our Glass Jewelry

All glass jewelry available on our Online Shop is made by Gorilla Glass.

Gorilla Glass makes premium glass body jewelry mainly from borosilicate or soda lime glass. Both materials are safe to wear and bio-compatible. Single flared glass jewelry is an excellent choice for your initial piercing or when stretching to a larger gauge. They are also available in a wide variety of designs and color variations.

All Gorilla Glass Body Jewelry is handmade. Therefore the following must be noted before purchase:

  • there may be a slight difference in colors and up to 0.5mm variation from its intended size.
  • During the manufacturing process, there is the possibility of microscopic scratches and crater-like bubbles appearing on the products, yet we assure the pieces can be used with no risks.

How to take care of your glass jewelry

Like any other glass item, glass is fragile and breakable.
Jewelry smaller than 8ga and hanging jewelry in particular, due to its size is delicate shape, are easier to break.

The glass itself has high inherent strength resistant to compress and shear forces. It also never disintegrates or explodes. Instead, it might form a small crack that can progress to the point of making the jewelry unusable.

Strength of glass is only slightly affected by composition but is highly dependent on surface condition.
Inspect your jewelry regularly for nicks and scratches!!

Glass jewelry is usually broken in the bathroom, as glass is easily scratched by tile floors and porcelain tubs.
Therefore remove your jewelry before bathing.
Use common sense, take good care of your glass jewelry and it will lasts a long time.