Anatometal Niobium jewelry is made from unalloyed pure niobium.

Niobium is a metal that resembles titanium in several ways, but is heavier and more expensive to produce. It is also softer and must be 100% pure to be considered bio-compatible.

Similar to Titanium, it generally does not cause allergic reactions. There have been cases reported; the majority of these are due to jewelry that doesn’t use 100% pure niobium. If you are unsure, please have a niobium allergy test before using jewelry made from it.

Niobium can be anodized in the same color spectrum as Titanium, plus opalescent. It can also be colored black though a heating process.

How to care for your Niobium Jewelry

Jewelry that is going to be used in a healing piercing must be sterilized beforehand.
Before being used it in a healed piercing, it can be washed with soap and warm water and wiped down with propanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol.
While wearing it, it is a good idea to wash the jewelry regularly for example while taking a shower. Avoid leaving soap or shampoo on the piercing, as it could be cause of irritation.