What is silicone

All silicone jewelry available on our Online Shop are from Kaos Softwear and are all made with implant grade silicone.

Silicone is safe for body piercing use and is great for people with metal allergies or sensitivities. However, silicone may cause itching due to moisture and body fluids after bathing.  This may cause an onset of rubber or silicone allergy, so please wear the jewelry only when it is dry and wash it frequently.

Silicone can be autoclaved and as a material is approved for 29 day human implantation. However, silicone jewelry is soft and therefore can only be used in healed piercings.

How to take care of your silicone jewelry.

Wash the jewelry with soap & warm water prior to use.
To insert the jewelry fold/squish it in half, and slip into piercing and let go.
It will resume it’s shape (and will try to do so while you’re trying to fold it, so it may take a few tries the first time) and look great.
If the jewelry does not go back to its normal shape, the size of the jewelry may not be correct.  In this case, either get one that is one size smaller or use a glass or titanium jewelry to stretch your piercing to a larger gauge.
Initial irritation may develop from repeated squishing or touching by all your friends. Please prevent them from playing with your jewelry or piercing.