How the Push-Pin Works

Unlike the conventional threaded body piercings by Anatometal, the push-pin barbells are applied by inserting the pin-shaped ends into the barbells, and removed by pulling both ends apart.
These handy ends can be easily applied to the tragus and nostril, where threaded piercings prove difficult.
The push-pins are also convenient for application of smaller ends that are less than 3mm in diameter. The below is a description of how the push-pin barbells work.



① Insert the pin-shaped end about 1/3 to half of the way into the barbell which is integrated with the catch end.


② Once inserted 1/3 to halfway in, push the pin down slightly to bend the pin. *See Note 1.


③ Push the pin end all the way to close. The bent pin creates a tension inside the barbell to secure the pieces together.


④ Pull apart both ends to remove. If the pieces are tight, gently rotate the pin end as it is being pulled.


*Note 1

If the pin end is purchased with a push-pin barbell as a set, the pin will already be bent, so Step 2 will not be necessary. 
If the pin end is purchased alone, it must first be bent, so proceed with Step 2.


*Note 2

The bent pin will straighten out after repeated removal, so please check the curve of the pin at every application.
If the pin is not curved enough, repeat Step 2 to adjust the tightness of the fit.