RIN-KG Online Store Terms of Sale

≡≡≡≡【Please read the following terms of sale before shopping at this site!!】≡≡≡≡

1) Points or custom coupons cannot be used during the sale.
Points will be rewarded towards the final product amount after sale discounts have been calculated.

2) 15% off items:All Anatometal products including 18K Gold items. All Gorilla Glass products.
3) 10% off items:All Kaos SoftwearLittle Seven (surgical stainless products only).
4) 40% off items:All Clearance Sale products (in-stock products only). All MAY SELECT products (in-stock products only).

5) Please note that the following products are not eligible for sale discounts!!
a: Custom made jewelry not displayed in the RIN-KG online shop and products that require quotes.
b:Products that cannot be put into the RIN-KG online shopping cart.
[For example] All custom made jewelry including gem dangles with 3 or more gems and bezel clusters, as well as any other colors, sizes, lengths, gems, etc. that cannot be selected from the pull-down list.
※Note 1※ Even if you were able to put an item into the shopping cart, the item is considered a custom made jewelry if it requires additional explanation in the message box. These items will be processed as regular priced orders without notification prior to the order confirmation. Thank you for your understanding.
※Note 2※ Customers with a valid【MAY Birthday Coupon 2017 ANATOMETAL Custom Jewelry】who wish to purchase ANATOMETAL custom made jewelry such as the above, please wait a few days after the end of the sale to use your coupon to apply your 15% discount to your order. Please note that【MAY Birthday Coupon 2017 ANATOMETAL Custom Jewelry】expires on May 29th, 2018.

6) Sale discounts will not be applied to your order if you place your order in advance or put your items in the shopping cart prior to the start of the sale period.
Please reload your shopping cart after the start of the sale to apply your discount.

7) We may not be able to respond to your emails and inquiries in a timely manner due to the large number of orders to process.
Please email us only if you do not hear from us after 3 business days of your order or payment. We are expecting heavy traffic on the first day of the sale on the 13th (Sat.), the 14th (Sun.), and the last day on the 19th (Fri.) after our office hours until the sale period time limit.
Therefore, for all purchases made during this time, we may require 3 to4 days to reply.

!! Please check the settings for your incoming mail !!
※For customers with mobile phone email addresses, please set your email filter to accept our emails.
※If you do not hear from us within 3 business days of your order, please check your junk mail folder prior to your inquiry!!

8) We are expecting a large number of orders during the sale period.
Backordered products are likely to be backed up at the manufacturer and there may be a delay in delivery of approximately a week of the date indicated in the order confirmation email. We ask for your patience and understanding.
Please also note that when the order is placed later into the sale period, it is more likely for the production to be delayed, thus causing a delay in the delivery of your order.

9) Please note that in the case of additional orders, exchanges of order product within 24 hrs of sending our confirmation email, and changes in payment or shipping methods, the priority of your order will be lowered in order to avoid confusion on our side. (※Your delivery will also be delayed.)
Please make sure to check that all of your information is correct on the confirmation page upon your order.
※Please refer to Cancelling and Changing Orders for more information.
※Gorilla Glass and Kaos Softwear products indicated as backorders on the order confirmation email may take up to 6 weeks to deliver. Should you receive such notice, we ask that you consider the timeline until delivery and send us an email within 24 hrs of our order confirmation email if you wish to cancel the order or change your purchase to an item that is in-stock (※Please check the availability of the items on each product page. We ask for your understanding that during the sale period, we may not be able to update the inventory status in a timely manner and the product(s) you are ordering may already be out of stock.)

10) Please understand that we are unable to provide advice regarding the jewelry or answer to any inquiries about how to style the jewelry during the sale period.
We will respond to your inquiries a few days after the sale period is over. We thank you for your patience.

11) Any orders received after January 19th 23:59 p.m. will not be eligible for discounts even if the products were placed in the shopping cart during the sale period and they will automatically be processed at the regular price.

★Please refer to your order confirmation email for information regarding the expected date of arrival of products backordered to the manufacturer★

Please refer to this page for more information regarding stock and backorders.